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About Us

CookeryBook.Com, your free international recipe site, is organized internationally. Our web site is hosted in Toronto, Canada. Then there's Fred Bunzl, an expat-brit, who is our webslave - oops - webmaster living in Geneva, Switzerland. And last but not least is CookeryBook.Com's recipe and cooking expert, Adrian Proctor, who lives in London, England.

Adrian is rightly proud of his recipe collection as he is of his own varied career, ranging from a senior position at Sotheby's famous auction house to disk-jockey on clear-channel WBAP's late night *Open Road* radio show in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Now here's what Adrian has to say...

The story behind CookeryBook.Com started when an old suitcase was found containing thousands of hand-written recipes, cookery tips and advice. After some investigation I found out that these recipes were the collection of three generations, a daughter, mother and grandmother and I believe the oldest items were written in about the 1880's.

I first considered putting these recipes and cooking tips into book form but this would have limited the scope to just the British market. So when the Internet came along I realized this was the answer so that everybody the world over could have access to this marvelous and interesting collection of recipes and ideas on food.

The original recipes do not have a common weight denominator so each one has had to be updated into three units of measurement - American cups, English ounces and metric grammes. The most difficult of course is American cups. I frequently had to go out and buy an ingredient to change it from ounces to the American cup system. I also spent weeks converting some very old methods of measurement, like pecks and gills.

The first part of my collection of more than 2,000 recipes is now online for all CookeryBook.Com members. I am slowly progressing with a further 2,000 or so recipes which I'll put online for members as soon as they are deciphered and converted into the three measurement units mentioned. By the way, membership is completely free.

However, should you have a specific request for a particular recipe which you are seeking, please contact me and I'll endeavor to look through my archives and see if one was ever written or, failing that, I have an extensive library which will probably have what you are looking for.

Also, I'm always interested in receiving any recipes which might be of interest to other members. You can contact me, Adrian Proctor, at

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